1. Hump day went by. I’m super duper relieved.

2. Up is a wonderful Pixar animation. It blows me away. Go check it out!! The short film–Cloud Party–is so lovely!!

3. Translating wears me out. Ugh.

4. Packing my luggage.

5. Got bonus from my job. Severance pay? No, it’s part of patronage.

6. The best read of July–Homesick Restaurant; in love again with Miyazaki Hayao.

7. Walk my dogs after dinners. Sleep with him in the afternoons.

8. Irritated by someone. Encouraged by someone. Something cracked me up. Something put me off.

9. Staying up at Macdonald, reading.

10. Counting down the days.

9. Think of calling a few numbers.

8. Maybe taking some pics.

7. Read sth light. Draw sth fun. Eat sth nice. Feel sth.

6. and … stilling counting.

5. Counting sheep.

4. Counting my blessings.

3. Better left unsiad.

2. Hmm…

1. Here i go again.